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Youth School, 20-31 August.

The school is tri-lingual, English, Spanish and French.

See readings at Youth School 2009


Fri 20 August

17.00: Arrivals, welcome, introduction

Sat 21 August

- Basic Marxism, Concepts of Historical Materialism, Jean

Sun 22 August:

- The Economic Crisis and Why Capitalism Produces Crises, Catherine

- Extra evening session:Permanent Revolution, applied on Africa, Jean

Mon 23 August

-The far right, neofascist parties, racism and Islamophobia in Europe, Miguel

Tue 24 August

- Women's oppression in global Capitalism, Marijke

Wed 25 August

- Imperialism and US / EU hegemony, Gilbert

Thu 26 August


- Walking Tour of Amsterdam (optional)

Fri 27 August

The global ecological crisis, Terry

Sat 28 August

- The central role of the working class in the anticapitalist struggles in Europe, Liam

Sun 29 August

- Latin America and strategies for taking power, Sebastien

Mon 30 August

- Building broad parties and the Fourth International, Penny

- 14.00: Visit to the International Institute for Social History (optional)

Tue 31 August

- Evaluation, cleaning, departure

Structure of each day

9.00-9.30: Lecture, part I

9.30-9.40: Break

9.40-10.10: Lecture, part II

10.10-10.20: Break

10.20-10:50: Lecture, part III

10.50-11.00: Break

11.00-12.00: Q&A

12.00-16.00: Lunch and time for reading

16.00-17.30: Discussion by language group

17.30-19.00: Concluding discussion, beginning with reports from each group.