Basic Marxism, Concepts of Historical Materialism

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Introduction to the dialectical and materialist concept of history


  • Marxism between past and future
  • On materialist dialectics
  • The problem of “historical materialism”

1.Dialectics : from Hegel to living Marxism

  • a.Hegel : dialectics and history
  • b.Engels and Marx, critics of Hegelian dialectics of history
  • c.Marxist traditions
    • i.“Diamat”
    • ii.Negative dialectics

2.Some problems of “historical materialism”

  • a.The Introduction to A Contribution to the critique of political economy
  • b.The material basis : nature and economy
  • c.Social classes and the complexity of social formations
    • i.Class struggle
    • ii.Gender
    • iii.On “Races” and nationalities
  • d.The State and Power
    • i.About State Power
    • ii.Micro- power
  • e.Ideology
    • i. “Conscience as a reflection” and “utopian conscience”
    • ii.Capitalism as seduction

In order not to conclude


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