Women and the crisis of the capitalist system - Marijke Colle

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Outline of the lecture

  • 1. Marx and Engels analysis

- woman's emancipation through participation in productive work
- the capitalist mode of production and the future of the family
- the value of the (male) work force
- the value of the female work force and link with domestic work
- reconstruction of the family in the late 19th Century
- central role of women in reproduction, family life and domestic work
- women workers: double exploitation and specific oppression
- the labour market is 'gendered'

  • 2. Ecofeminism

- role of women in ecological struggles and in peace movements
- gender and nature: essentialist view or material analysis of the reproductive role of women
- the exploitation of women parallels the exploitation of nature
- women's liberation and the fight for ecosocialism

  • 3. The autonomous women's movements

- necessity of an autonomous movement, against any form of 'stageism'
- the Second International,positive and negative aspects
- Kollontaï and women's organisations in and after the Russion Revolution
- second wave feminism : from women only groups to mass campaigns
- what does it mean being a feminist-socialist today?
- strategic necessity of a strong autonomous women's movement

Reading materials

Women in the capitalist economy


The autonomous women's movement

Further reading

  • Women in China 1947 - 2007 [1]