What's Ecosocialism?

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Part 1 - The capitalist destruction of the environment

The development phases of the capitalist ecological crisis

The current situation

Part 2 - Why ecosocialism: How the question of ecology changes our understanding of what socialism is

Historical crisis of the socialist alternative

A transitional programme in the age of the Anthropocene

Programme of demands

Strategy of struggle

Part 3 - The world we are fighting for. Facing the crisis of civilisation, fighting for ecosocialist hegemony

Ecosocialist Manifesto Project

Our project for a future society


Degrowth and/or ecosocialism?

Do you have experiences of ecological and social convergences, successful or difficult?

Michael Löwy - Ernest Mandel and ecosocialism [1]

Michael Löwy, Bengi Akbulut, Sabrina Fernandes and Giorgos Kallis - For an Ecosocialist Degrowth [2]

Daniel Tanuro - Environment, ecosocialism and the foundations of revolutionary eco-socialism [3]