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Socio-political situation in post-revolutionary Tunisia

The popular masses of Tunisia irrupted into the political scene. They managed after 29 days to get rid of the dictator Ben Ali through a social and democratic revolution. This is a great victory! It is a big day for all of us and for all those who fight against the global capitalist order. First of all we regained our dignity and our pride who had been violated by the dictatorship. Today we must build a new Tunisia: free, democratic and social.

But counterrevolution is also at work! Ben Ali’s power fell but the regime, although destabilised and weakened, stays in place. The Party/State is still there and so are it’s economic capitalist liberal policies.

The regime was exemplary according to the international financial institutions, they sucked out the blood of the Tunisian popular masses for 23 years, and this at the service of the profits for world capitalism, enriching at the same time a minority of families in the inner circle of power and organised as Mafioso clans. They must go! That is what we want.

We refuse the current attempts to confiscate our revolution. This manoeuvre is presented as “a government of national unity” by which this illegitimate regime tries to maintain itself.

In order to take our fate in our own hands, there is the need for a legitimate government, without any representative of the old regime. A government that should prepare free and democratic elections under a new electoral code for a Constituent Assembly. This is the only way to install a just order in the interest of the majority of the population.

The current situation remains unstable after the elections, the masses are divided, there are about 114 political parties. The antiglobalisation movement constitutes an opposition front that will not give in readily.

Raid Attac Cadtm Tunisia Thanks to the revolution, a new Tunisia can be build: sovereign, democratic, social and ecological. RAID Attac Cadtm Tunisia are working in this direction, thanks in part to:

  • the building of an alternative space for reflexion, analysis and collective social proposals
  • the production and spreading of information about the social and economic policies, the unequal treaties inherited from the dictatorship with severe economic, social, cultural and ecological consequences
  • the development of different forms of resistance by the citizens, the fight against global neoliberal policies which trample human rights, the rights of the people and which destroys the planet
  • the support for the revolutionary process by, amongst others: - the fight for legal and real equality between man and women and the promotion of social, economical, cultural and political rights for all citizens
  • he cancellation of the odious debt of Tunisia
  • the building of a Maghreb, Arab, and international antiglobalisation network and also the building of a Mediterranean network in opposition to the policies of imperialist and colonial control and
  • working in favour of peace and the cooperation amongst the people.