The strategic role of internationalism and the need for an international

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1. World Capitalism and the need for internationalism

- today's situation - pandemic, war in Ukraine, protests in Iran, in China, defeat of Bolsonaro, of Trump, coup in Peru

- the class nature, the imperialist and oppressive nature of the global system

What is Internationalism ?

   - international solidarity, national to national - “weak” internationalism ?
   - cross-border organization, “an injury to one is an injury to all” (IWW) - “strong” internationalism ?

2. History of the Internationals

1st International 1864 - 1876 Polish uprising, Chartism, Paris Commune

2nd International 1889 -1914 Vote war credits, assassination Jean Jaurès

3rd International 1919 - 1943 Russian Revolution, Stalinism

4th International 1938 - today Stalinist degeneration, 2nd World War

3. The Fourth International today

- the difficult road to the foundation

- world war

- transitional programme

- post war

- 1953 split -> different tendencies

- 1963 reunification

- the FI since 1968

- FI sections

- “broad anti capitalist” or new parties (1995)

Reading material

Dan La Botz The World Up in Arms Against Austerity and Authoritarianism

September 1938 - the founding of the Fourth International

Role and party-building tasks of the Fourth International

Additional reading: Daniel Bensaïd: The formative years of the Fourth International (1933-1938)

Gus Massiah: The new world struggles to be born

Michael Löwy: The Fourth International is 80 years old!

Pierre Rousset: Reflections on the “party question” (expanded version) – an overview