The global ecological crisis and climate activism 2021

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OUTLINE on climate crisis

1. The current situation of the climate

- emissions do not diminish: insufficient national climate plans

- acceleration of unequal warming

- melting of polar ice

- changes in the oceans

- droughts and torrential rains, jet stream

- lower productivity in agriculture

- heath waves make life unbearable

- the rich are responsible for 50% of emissions

2. The solutions offered by “green capitalism”

- capitalism tries to combine continuous growth and lowering emissions: in favour of nuclear energy, drive towards lower wages, the lie about “carbon neutrality”

- the agrichemical lobby continues to destroy agroecological agriculture, forests and indigenous people

- individual behaviour, not structural causes at the root of the crisis

- planting trees: a fake and dangerous solution to lower emissions

- promotion of dangerous and unproven technologies: CCS

- a critical view and the latest IPCC scientific report

3. Our strategic choices

- building an anticapitalist climate movement

- the necessary structural changes: energy, transportation, housing, industrial production, stop using fossil fuels, …

- necessity of a climate transition plan: nationalisation of energy and financial sectors; plan for deployment of public transport making the individual car obsolete and against the false solution of individual electric cars

- an action strategy for saving the climate: blocking as many dangerous projects as possible (bloccadia) – struggle for reconversion and climate jobs – support the struggle of indigenous people – save artisanal fisheries worldwide – stop production of harmful substances ( plastics, pesticides, …) and of throwaway objects

Produce less – recycle more – share more


Capitalism destroys nature and human society.

To save the climate for the ultimate catastrophe: necessity of overthrowing this system, its productivist logic based on competition and unlimited growth.

Building a new alliance between humans and nature.

The ecosocialist project is the only one to work for an better future.

Powerpoint [1]

Reading materials:

Fourth International - Resolution on climate mobilization in view of the COP26 [2]