The feminist challenge in changing society, feminizing our perspectives and our movements

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Reading material: 1979 World Congress: Socialist Revolution and the Struggle for Women’s Liberation [1]

1991 World Congress: Latin America: Dynamics of mass movements and feminist currents [2]

“Thermidor in the Family" in The Revolution Betrayed by Léon Trotsky [3]

The feminist challenge to traditional political organising (Penelope Duggan) [4]

The Tyranny of Structurelessness [5] and [6]

Sanctions in a feminist party (PRT Mexico) [7]

Amendments to the text “Capitalist globalization, imperialisms, geopolitical chaos and their implications” [8]

1) Sobre la cuestión de la reproducción social. About social reproduction question. Cinzia Arruzza Castellano:


2) Kollontai. Castellano: Inglés:

3) Sobre feminismo y neoliberalismo. About feminism and neoliberalism.

A) Nancy Fraser Castellano:



B) Veronica Schild Castellano:


3. Artículo de Yayo Herrero (activista ecofeminista) en un debate en el Estado Español entorno sobre como responder al auge de la extrema-derecha. / Yayo Herrero (ecofeminist activist) article on a Spanish State discussion about how answer against far right.