The Fourth International and Strategic debates today

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After the first 5 days of theoretical introductions to our different main political topics, the last day would be focused about our strategy and how to organize. To introduce our thoughts and collective experience, we will take a look back at Fourth International's history and development, not as a historical walkthrough, but to look at specific experience, that have shaped where we stand today.

In the educational we will try to give an overview of the "whole fourth international" to get a better understanding of the Fourth International's roles and task today, but also our divergences and limitations. For the reading materials, we have selected our world congress resolution about roles and task, which also sum up our collective reflections on strategy. An article from Pierre Rousset, which should give an insight on some of struggles and experience. And finally an article from Michael Löwy about the thoughts of Rosa Luxembourg, to also broad out our discussion about strategy.

Reflections on the “party question” (expanded version) – an overview

Fourth International: Role and party-building tasks of the Fourth International

Michael Löwy: The spark ignites in the action- the philosophy of praxis in the thought of Rosa Luxemburg