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IIRE Louis-Marie outline of lecture
Three parts of each 30 minutes

The working Class as Subject

1. The concept of social relation

Definition: • Domination, oppression, exploitation • Identity, social group • Social relation : a central notion

Multiple identities, membership of a group. Characterisation of dominations

The central role of the relation capital/labour: social relation of exploitation including different relations of dominance

2. The working class

Composition of the working class, perimeter, employees, services, women, immigrants

Social fragmentation, precariousness

Informal work, undocumented work

Intensification of labour, post-taylorism, neo-taylorism

Definition of a social class, the working class

3. The building of the working class as a subject

Objective and subjective class, “class consciousness”: building a common interest?

Professional and territorial representations: professional solidarities, building of rights for the workers

Unskilled/skilled workers/ “general intelligence”

Trade-unionism as an organic representation (Gramsci)

Trade unionism as an organic representation/political representation

A strategic objective: unifying the working class; emancipation: building new social relations