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Short description o social and political situation in Mexico and the present role of the PRT.

After the elections and the triumph by the huge fraud of the media and _ committed by the oligarchy power in favor of the PRI’s candidate for president, the political situation of México got so tensioned that the protest given in such context were repressed by the State. Never the less, social struggles have gone through in the last months and in different forms, the self defense organization groups in towns, as a desperate step against the drug traffic groups who has under attack an important region of the country; and those the State and actual government has no capability to appropriately face given their neoliberal and corrupted politics; also, the teacher’s struggles against the educational reform, which is actually a labor reform in disguise, resist the neoliberal politics attempt to finally privatize it all, the students’ fight against the imposition and the high/higher school rejection. And so countless struggles for the earth and the environmental patrimony are battled in constant resistance by towns and communities through all the country the neoliberal beat of the biggest corporation to acquire whatever can be sold and allowed for each corrupted government that had took place. At the current time in México the workers movement’s vanguard in the Mexican Electricians Trade Union (the current name in Spanish is SME: Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas), in their struggle for the restitution of their job have achieved a main victory in the way to their goal; an important quantity of the workers on resistance have gained their legally accomplished retirement. And it seems they are getting closer to achieving the long-awaited win fight. Although it’s not all, at the ending of the past year was decided to enforce and to increase the political organization encouraged by an important base of the workers of the Mexican electricians trade union, we’re talking about the Political Organization of the People and the Workers (in Spanish OPT: Organización Política del Pueblo y los Trabajadores), looking for dispute the power of the State through it.

However, is very important to point out that unfortunately not in all Mexico are these struggles taking place. The extreme poverty conditions, the lack of education and of work make out of the population an easy prey of the trifles the institutional political parties and the government in turn give as an exchange for the vote or the support to a certain campaign, these hunger and misery politics encouraged by the bourgeoisie and the economical power are implemented day by day to look after the profit o some people. Increasing the poverty and the misery conditions every day among the population, where the geography o the country has been painted with more and more misery and where the women, youth and students see their life’s conditions more pauperized every time.

PRT in actual times

The PRT as a political party has propounded to actively participate in the building o the OPT but with the reliability on going on its processes as a autonomic party without delude in this process, with the strong conviction of following the ways that the revolutionary Marxism has settled in young revolutionaries men and women that integrate the party or are going to.

In a work that integrates the formation of new militants and so the militant practice the PRT tries to direct toward a growing process even in the north o the country, a place that because of its geographical position in such context has become dangerous and complicated or the political revolutionary practice. Nevertheless and with these issues work has been being done in a regular way. The most experienced militants and the youth play a fundamental role to the consecution of the revolutionary ideals, on the road to a critical, revolutionary Marxism, according to the concrete actual reality.