LGBTIQ movements and liberation

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LGBTIQ Movements and Liberation

IIRE Ecosocialist School

Introduction to the report and the reporter

Capitalism and same-sex sexualities

  Desires, practices, identities
Before capitalism: transgender; intersex; age- and status-defined gender & sexual roles
Capitalist ‘free labour’ (John D’Emilio), production & social reproduction, gender & sexual oppression (FI WC resolution points 1-2)
Three stages of capitalism, three same-sex regimes
Imperialism, the invention of heterosexuality (Jonathan Ned Katz)/heteronormativity & inversion
Fordism, performative gender (Judith Butler/Kevin Floyd) & gays/lesbians
Neoliberal homonormativity v. queer
Wages & welfare states: rise, decline & sexual consequences (WC 5)
Marriage & adoption: a transitional approach (WC 17)

Gender wars

  The T & I in LGBTIQ (WC 18)
Lesbians (WC 24) & trans men: on strike against reproductive labour (Holly Lewis)
Transnormativity v. gender queers & non-binary people
Right-wing attacks on trans people & ‘gender ideology’
Complicating gender/sex: the social construction of sex (Judith Butler/Gabriel Girard)
‘Gender-critical feminism’

Racialized sexualities

  Racism & anti-racism in LGBTIQ communities (WC 14)
Black (Queer) Lives Matter
Europe & its immigrants

Queer geopolitics

    Imperialism & same-sex sexualities (WC 4)
Colonial structures in the ‘international’ movement
Femonationalism (Sara Farris), homonationalism (Jasbir Puar), heteronationalism: the vicious circle
Islam & Africa; China/Taiwan & Russia/Ukraine
Palestinian queers v. pinkwashing

Queering the movements, queering the left

   Our methods of struggle (WC 25)
Young LGBTIQ people in struggle (WC 6)
Queer anti-capitalism & its limits so far
The example of healthcare organizing: from AIDS (TAC v. TRIPS; WC 16) to Covid-19
Against the risk of split personality: self-organization (WC 34)
Our vision of sexual liberation (WC 8-9,22)

Reading materials

- FI 15th World Congress (2003), ‘On Lesbian/Gay Liberation’,[1], points: 1-2,4,5,6,8-9,13,14,16,17,18,22,24,25,34

- New introduction to Warped. [2]