Internationalism and the Fourth International - Penny Duggan

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Reading materials

  • Daniel Bensaïd, The party and the period, 2006 [[1]]
  • 2003 World Congres Fourth International, Fourth Chapter "The Fourth International, yesterday, today and tomorrow" [[2]]
  • 2010 World Congress Fourth International [[3]]
  • Jo Freeman the tyranny of structurelessness [[4]]
  • François Sabado, Building broad anti-capitalist parties - a necessary step [[5]]
  • João Machado The experience of building DS and the PT, from 1979 to the first Lula government [[6]]

Further reading material

  • Pierre Rousset, The evolution of the European radical left - and some current controversies [[7]]
  • Daniel Bensaïd articles in the IVP archive [[8]]