International LGBT Strategy Seminar 2009

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Friday 17 July

12.00-17.00 Arrival and introduction

17.30-19.00 Queer Theory and politics - analysis and strategies, Gabriel and Nina/Liv


a. Mette Buchardt, 'Queer - from derogative to militant platform'

b. Gabriel Girard, 'Queer theories and militant practices'

Saturday 18 July

10.00-11.30 LGBTs in Latin American radicalizations, Tamara and Andrea

11.45-13.15 LGBTs in the Middle East, Nisreen and Ghassan


a. Samar Habib, 'Queer politics, Palestine and Palestinian lesbian activism in Israel'

b. Ghassan Makarem, 'LGBTIQ rights and the movement for change in Lebanon'

c. Peter Drucker: 'Arab sexualities'

Supplemenary readings (lower priority)

d. Dayna, 'Home and exile in queer experience'

e. Rasha Moumneh, 'Women's rights, gay rights: towards an inclusive paradigm'

14.30-15.45 Migration, homophobia and Islamophobia in Europe, Paul and Ulas


Paul Mepschen, 'Against tolerance'

Ulas Yilmaz, 'No honey, it's not true, but simply "ordinary racism"

16.00-19.00 LGBT's in broad anti-capitalist parties

Sunday 19 July

10.30-13.45 LGBTs and LGBT work in the Fourth International, Terry


FI 15th World Congress, 'On lesbian/gay liberation'

15.00-17.00 Evaluation and future plans, Nina