International LGBTIQ Seminar 2024

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Questions for country reports

The purpose of this set of questions is to guide the writing and presentation of country reports for the seminar. Whether you answer question by question or write a short note please try to cover these points.(5000 signs without spaces)

1. To what extent has the position of LGBTIQ people changed in your country in the last four or five years? What are the main areas where the situation is worse and where it has improved?

2. How did Covid 19 – and government responses to it – impact queer communities? Are these changes long-lasting?

3. Is the LGBTIQ movement in your country centrally organized?

4. To what extent are debates about trans inclusion polarizing in the movement and in public opinion? Are trans people included in the actions and leadership of brooder queer organizations? Do broader queer organisations take up the demands of trans people

5. To what extent do trade unions take up defence of LGBTIQ’s position in society? Are there structures within unions specifically organising LGBTIQ people

6. Are racialized people included in the actions and leadership of queer organizations? What debates around racism take place in these organizations? What are the relations between these organizations and the demands of racialized people?

7. To what extent are migrants involved in the actions and leadership of LQBTIQ oeganisations? What are their demands? What are the relations between these organizations and migrants

8. . To what extent is international solidarity with LGTIQ people in other countries a theme of queer organizations? Are there particular countries or issues around which this is focused or particular organizations with whom you have built links? Are any solidarity links contentious – and if so why?

9. How have queer people responded to the genocide in Palestine since October 2023. Have new organisations been created? Have their been LGBTIQ contingents on Palestine solidarity demonstrations

10. To what extent do LGTIQ organisations in your country have relations with other social movements

11. . How much is your political organisation involved in LGBTIQ’s movement organizing? Do you have internal structures to organize this?

Please complete this as soon as possible and if at all possible translate into the 3 working languages of the seminar. You can use Deepl