Imperialism and geopolitical disorder in the 21st century -

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Imperialism, crisis and geopolitical chaos today

IIRE Ecosocialist School

24 November 2019

Peter Drucker


Introduction to report and reporter

I. Imperialism: Lenin’s and Trotsky’s theories

Marx & Engels

Basics of Lenin’s theory

Imperialism in the 20th century

Our anti-imperialism: permanent revolution

II. Neoliberal globalization and the ‘war on terror’

Imperialism today

Accumulation by dispossession

Armed globalization and the ‘clash of barbarisms’

Neoliberalism’s apogee: hyperglobalization

The clash of barbarisms

III. New imperialist powers?

Trotsky’s theory & the BRICS bubble



IV. Imperialism in crisis

The challenge from China: trade wars and sea lanes

Brexit, Trump and the new far right

Crisis in the Middle East

V. Rebuilding peace movements?

Questions for discussion:

   1. What role does US imperialism play in your country? European imperialism? Chinese imperialism?
   2. Is there/has there been a significant peace movement in your country? With what focus?
   3. What is the best hope today for rebuilding mass peace movements with strong anti-imperialist left wings?