Imperialism and geopolitical disorder

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Introduction to report and reporter

I. 20th-century imperialism

Basics of Lenin’s theory

Cold War imperialism and wars of national liberation

Consumerist imperialism: oil and cars II. Neoliberal globalization and the ‘war on terror’

Imperialism and global inequality: Claudio Katz’s theses

Supply chains: from national to global

Accumulation by dispossession (David Harvey)

Armed globalization and the ‘clash of barbarisms’

III. Neoliberalism’s apogee: hyperglobalization

NAFTA (1993), Maastricht (1992), WTO (1995)

China’s rise, phase I: Foxcomm and Walmart – the role of Hong Kong

Latin America’s Pink Tide (and extractivism): challenge and crisis IV. Imperialism in crisis (from 2008)

China’s rise, phase II: trade wars, sea lanes, One Belt One Road – and Hong Kong

Crises in the Middle East

Clashes with Russia

Brexit, Trump and the new far right

A Latin American Trump: Bolsonaro (and his divided opposition)

Covid-19: nail in the coffin of hyperglobalization

V. What’s next?

What next for imperialism? Post-Trump Trumpism? And China? And the EU?

What next for resistance?: difficulties of the anti-imperialist left