IIRE Economy Seminar 2014

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List of sessions and documents for discussion

1. Rate of profit, overaccumulation and indebtedness: the causes of the crisis

2. The power of financial capital and its links with productive capital.

3. The strategies of the ruling class and the "austeritarian" program in Europe

4. How to confront financial power. The debate around debt annulations and euro-exit.

5. Crisis, development and new models in Latin America

6. Strength and fragility of the new emerging economies: a disconnection of the center and the periphery? The case of Brazil.

7. The case of China: a changing role in the world economy.

8. The world car industry in the crisis.

9. Considering the main tendencies of the capitalism in the crisis: what can we say of a post-crisis capitalism?

10. Which emergency program for an anticapitalist exit of the crisis? What do we stand for?

11. Other documents