Climate change and social transformation -

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Part I State and characteristics of climate change, impacts on the biosphere and social effects.

1. The evolution of greenhouse gas emissions.

2. The time for solutions is over

3. The problems are exponential, there are several greenhouse gases and there is thermal inertia.

4. Let's focus on the greenhouse gases associated with energy, electricity and transport.

5. Energy and social inequalities.

6. Effects on the biosphere and society

Part II The relationship of climate change to capitalism. The response of the system: Green capitalism. The Cop21 of Paris. Neo-Negationism and Cop25.

1. The political economy of capitalism and the biosphere

2. The Industrial Revolution and CO2 Emissions

3. The linear production model

4. Failures of Climate Summits

5. Criticism of so-called "green capitalism".

Part III EcoSocialist Proposal for Social and Ecological Change

1. Why talk about ecosocialism?

2. Marxist forgetfulness and the Marxists

3. The reorientation of Marxism on climate change

4. Shock measures to decarbonize the economy, difficulties, change of productive model, decarbonizing the economy implies an anti-capitalist dynamic.

Topics to be debated by participants

1. What are the effects in your country? What do trade unions think? What do workers think?

2. Is a sustainable economy possible under capitalism in your country?

3. Economic model: In what to grow and in what to decrease? Does a sustainable productive model create or destroy employment? In what sectors?

4. The political subject of change: identification of classes, sectors, etc. Interests and alliances.

5. What are the characteristics of the climate movement in your country? What is the role of youth? What is the role of feminists? What is the role of trade unions? What is the role of peasants? What is the role of indigenous peoples?

6. Can climate change be avoided without social change? Can there be revolution without stopping warming?


16TH WORLDCONGRESS Capitalist climate change and our tasks