Climate change and social transformation

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COP 21, a summit of falsehood Friday 4 September 2015, by Daniel Tanuro [1]

FI: Capitalist climate change and our tasks [2]

Questions for debate: 1) Current status of international commitments after the COP in Paris and the inauguration of Trump

2) What interests and ideology do "climate change deniers" have? Let's make a list of 5 arguments against climate change denial.

3) What economic and social impact would climate change have on your country? Name specific details.

4) Social inequality and climate change. Manifestations of the impacts in imperialist countries and in impoverished countries.

5) Economic and social impact of climate change in Asia, Africa, Latin America and in the Mediterranean basin.

6) Why does the Marxist Left not give more importance in its strategy to the fight against climate change?

7) Are the labor movement and the left parties fulfilling the required tasks to stop global warming? List 5 urgent tasks that should guide the strategy of the social movement.