8. The crisis in Asia – Alex de Jong

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  • "Capital Is a Fickle Lover" (excerpts) Walden Bello, June 22, 2011
  • "Philippines socialists’ long march" Daniel Princen

Other suggested reading materials...


  • Rebecca E. Karl, Mao Zedong and China in the twentieth century. A concise history (Durham and London 2010)
  • Jonathan Neale, A people's history of the Vietnam war (New York 2003)
  • Tariq Ali, The duel. Pakistan on the flightpath of American power (New York 2008)
  • Max Lane, Unfinished nation. Indonesia before and after Suharto (London 2008)
  • Kathleen Weekley, The Communist Party of the Philippines 1968-1993. A story of its theory and practice (Quezon City 2001)

On marxism and 'development':

  • Teodor Shanin, Late Marx and the Russian road. Marx and the 'peripheries of capitalism' (New York 1983)
  • Kevin B. Anderson, Marx at the margins. On nationalism, etnicity and non-western societies (Chicago 2010)

And of course, the ESSF website: http://www.europe-solidaire.org/