5.Imperialism and geopolitical disorder in the 21st century.

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Imperialism, crisis and geopolitical chaos today


IIRE Youth School

18 August 2019

Peter Drucker

Introduction to report and reporter

I. Imperialism: Lenin’s and Trotsky’s theories

Marx & Engels

Basics of Lenin’s theory

Imperialism in the 20th century

Our anti-imperialism: permanent revolution

II. Neoliberal globalization and the ‘war on terror’

Imperialism today

Accumulation by dispossession

Armed globalization and the ‘clash of barbarisms’

Neoliberalism’s apogee: hyperglobalization

The clash of barbarisms

III. New imperialist powers?



… and the others

IV. Imperialism in crisis

The challenge from China: trade wars and sea lanes

Clashes with Russia

Brexit, Trump and the new far right

Crisis in the Middle East

V. Anti-imperialism real and fake

The Arab region: the ghost of Nasserism and the uprisings

Latin America: beyond the ‘Pink Tide’

Questions for discussion:

1. What challenges does the rise of the new far right pose for the left?

2. How should we respond to Trump’s conflicts with the EU, Russia, China?

3. What is the best hope for anti-imperialism today?