3. Women's liberation - Laia Facet

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The first session's objective is to bring together Marxism and feminism in a dialogue from where we can build a common analytical basis for understanding the oppression and exploitation of women. To this end, we will discuss these, and other, questions: accumulation through dispossession; the sexual and international division of labour; the crises of citizens and families as institutions; the way in which patriarchal capitalism has reproduced these structures in all spheres of life through past centuries.

A second session will provide a broader view from an intersectional perspective in order to study how the disciplines of gender and sexuality operate. Here, we will discuss the various ways differential oppressions manifest themselves along axes of race, class, gender, sex, and others.

The closing session will allow for a review of major women's and feminist movements, a description of their distinctive currents, and an assessment of the series of mobilizations of the past two years.


Outline for the first session

Intersectionality and international perspective of feminist movement, Tatiana Montella – Youth Camp 2017

Cinzia Arruzza, Penelope Duggan, March 8, 2017, Worldwide: “Feminists are currently leading the way”

Excerpts from Cinzia Aruzza's Dangerous Liasons [1]