2nd IIRE Economy Seminar on the Global Crisis

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18-20 November 2011, IIRE - Amsterdam

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1. The emergence of a multipolar world and the new face of imperialism. Cedric Durand (France)

2. The return of the food and energy crisis: structural problems and/or financial speculation? Sean Thompson (UK)

3. The economic background of the political rebellion in North Africa and the Middle-East. Adam Hanieh (UK)

4. The Chinese economy and its impact on world growth. Jean Sanuk (France)

5. Introduction to the special debate on Europe: new developments of the crisis in Europe: the debt trap. Eric Toussaint (Belgium)

6. Exiting the Eurozone: a good or bad solution? Philippe Légé (France), Daniel Albarracin (Spanish State)

7. Alternatives on the debt and fiscal crisis in Europe. Özlem Onaran (UK)

8. The state of the crisis in the USA. Joel Geier (USA)

9. The state of the economy in Latin America. Claudio Katz (Argentina)

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