1. Introduction to our critical Marxism - Ernesto Díaz

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OBJECTIVES General objective: to introduce key issues and questions of the thought of Marx and our Marxism.

Objective of the different parts:

1st Presentation. Explain the break with Hegelian philosophy; explain the development of Marx’ conception on "praxis" or practice, synthesized in the "Theses on Feuerbach".

2nd Presentation. Explain how criticism of religions and abstract speculative thinking is Marx's precondition for all criticism; explain what is the next step following the criticism of religion: : the critique of really existing social relations.

3rd Presentation. Explain some specific elements of Marx's critique of the capitalist mode of production.


1st Presentation. Marx, his era and the break with the left Hegelians

1st part - Biographical notes of Marx.

Compulsory reading: Biographical remarks on Marx [1]

2nd part. From idealism to materialism

Basic reading:

The Theses on Feuerbach. [2]

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. Preface [3]

Further reading: D. Bensaid – Marx for our times

2nd Presentation. The critique of political economy.

Fundamental elements of political economy.

Basic reading: economic diagram [4] + selection of the text "Introduction to Marxist economic theory" by E. Mandel. [5]

Additional reading: "Introduction to Marxist economic theory" [6] as a whole

3rd Presentation. Marx and the political. Critique of political concepts in Marx

Article "Classes and class struggle". Ernesto Díaz [7]

Text: excerpt from Michael Lowy - Theory of revolution in the young Marx [8]

Reading to expand. "On the return of the politico-strategic question". Daniel Bensaid [9]