Youth School 2019

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Tuesday 13/08 Introduction to the school. - [Starting] at 3 pm.

Wednesday 14/08
1. Introduction to our critical Marxism.
- Marx's materialism: The Theses on Feuerbach. Self-emancipation.
- Introduction to historical materialism: The notions of base and superstructure.
- Introduction to the Marxist critique of political economy: use value, exchange value, surplus value, exploitation.

Thursday 15/08
2.The working class
- What is the working class? The notion of class in Marx and marxism.
- The changes in the class composition of the working class during the late 20th Century.
- The working class today.

Friday 16/08
3. Women's liberation.
- A Marxist-feminist analysis of women’s oppression and exploitation.
- Gender, sexuality, intersectionality: the question of oppression in a broader framework.
- Women's Liberation struggles.

Saturday 17/08
4. LGBTIQ struggles and liberation.
– Capitalism and LGBTIQ oppression.
– LGBTIQ theories and struggles.
- The Left in LGBTIQ struggles.

Sunday 18/08
5.Imperialism and geopolitical disorder in the 21st century.
- Classic theory on imperialism.
- US imperialism and emerging new powers - towards a multipolar world?.
- Imperialism in disorder: from the 1930s to Brexit and Trump.

Monday 19/08 Day off
Free day

Tuesday 20/08
6. Marx and ecology, the global ecological crisis.
- Climate crisis, biodiversity crisis, energy crisis and link with the capitalist mode of production.
- The notion of progress put into question, struggle of indigenous peoples, land grabbing etc.
- Our ecosocialist answers.

Wednesday 21/08
7. Revolution and repression in the Middle-East.
– The structural causes of the Arab revolts.
– The reactionary counter-offensive.
- The role of the left and the revolutionaries in these movements.

Thursday 22/08
6. Europa en crisis - Alex Merlo
- The class nature of the European Union.
- The crisis of the European Union.
- Perspectives for the revolutionary left.

Friday 23/08
9. Immigration and anti-racism.
- The EU and ant-migration policies.
- What is racism?
- Anti-racist struggles.

Saturday 24/08
10. The Fourth International and strategic debates.
- Our strategic goal.
- The role of the revolutionary party.
- How can new parties be a bridge between where we are now and what we want.

Sunday 25/08
11. Evaluation and general cleaning