Transitional program: socialism or barbarism

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Socialism or barbarism in the XXIst century

The centrality of dignity and self-organisation

The revolutionary « transitional program »

Catherine Samary

Introduction : aims of the lecture.

Part I : Keeping the essence of the communist project including lessons from experiences

1) Communism as an emancipatory project vs. dogmaticism.

2) Critical balance sheet of problematic notions

- Some negative legacy : economism, historical determinism, and workerism (reductionist kind of marxism) ; « dictatorship of the proletariat » ?

- Sources of marxist updatings

Part II : Reforms and revolution - « transitional logics » against globalized capitalism

1) Reforms/revolution: how to fight in/against this system? The "transitory logic ».

2) Central programmatic stakes for a strategical transitional dynamics : towards anti-capitalist breaks but also concrete ilustrations of potential alternative relationships (way of producing, living…) through self-organisation and struggles. Open and needed debates.


In your opinion, what are today, in your country (and regional context), the axes that are most conducive to "transitional logic" (between mobilisations for "reforms" and a dynamic of invention of other rights and revolutionary rupture)?

What are the main obstacles to overcome?

I) Michael Lowy, Transition, ecological and social planning [1]

II) CADTM For a unite front against the payment of public and private illegitimate debts [2]

III - Charlie Post (May 2020) : The Capitalist State and revolutionary Strategy : [3]

IV- Via Campesina. Food sovereignty and social justice [4]

V) The right to resist - Ukrainian Feminist Manifesto [5]

Additional reading material:

Simon Pirani - Ukraine’s energy system: principles for post-war reconstruction [6]