The left and anti-racist struggles*

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Part 1

1. Introduction

2. Marx, slave trade, race, racism, class

3. Haiti, US Civil War, Civil Rights/68

4. DuBois, Williams, Heideman

a. Civil War-Marx

b. Dubois the “Black general strike”

c. Slavery and Capitalism

d. Class struggle and the Colorline

5. Robinson, Black Radical Tradition, racial capitalism

a. Black Marxism

b. Black Radical Tradition

CLR James

"We say, number one, that the Negro struggle, the independent Negro struggle, has a vitality and a validity of its own; that it has deep historic roots in the past of America and in present struggles; it has an organic political perspective, along which it is traveling, to one degree or another, and everything shows that at the present time it is traveling with great speed and vigor.

We say, number two, that this independent Negro movement is able to intervene with terrific force upon the general social and political life of the nation, despite the fact that it is waged under the banner of democratic rights, and is not led necessarily either by the organized labor movement or the Marxist party.

We say, number three, and this is the most important, that it is able to exercise a powerful influence upon the revolutionary proletariat, that it has got a great contribution to make to the development of the proletariat in the United States, and that it is in itself a constituent part of the struggle for socialism." (

c. Racial capitalism

6. Barbara Jean Fields, Post, Abolition

a. Fields

b. Post

c. Kaba-Gilmore-Abolition

Part 2

1. BLM-George Floyd Uprising

2. Global race regimes

a. USA abolition/immigration

b. Europe

c. Mexico

d. Brazil

3. Challenges/Debates on the left

a. Revolutionary left

i. Abolition

ii. Racism

b. Social democracy

i. Class reductionism

ii. Abolition?

c. Police violence/BLM

d. IPCC report/imperialism

4. Towards the abolition of the real

a. From here to there

b. Praxis

c. Conclusion

Ingrid Saraiva: It’s time to Blacken the socialist left in Brazil and internationally [1]

Charlie Post: Beyond “Racial Capitalism”. Toward a Unified Theory of Capitalism and Racial Oppression.

Betsy Esch and David Roediger: Nonracialism Through Race (and Class)

FI: Stop inhumane policies against migrants! [2]