Road to power: a transitional approach

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Outline Catherine Samary

1)- Centrality of emancipation : the road to power as a road to emancipation and the spirit of the “transitional approach” between reform and revolution

2)- The fight against the existing capitalist “power” and state – from the classical marxist view to ongoing needed debates and updatings

3) Some elaboration and proposals for a transitional approach in the XXIst century

1- The need to distinguish among institutions (at different territorial levels), according to their functions and use in class struggles on the basis of popular experience.

2- The need for an international Manifesto of Human Rights in a sustainable environment as new “Transitional program” (with international and continental dimensions to be adapted to specific contexts).

3- Updating our concept of the “end” (communism) against wrong approaches “To each according to needs”... already now, and everywhere, for fundamental “universal needs” and rights... Socialism and communism as separate phases ? Against the “formal bourgeois democracy” ? … meaning no more parliament ? “Workers democracy” only ? Duma against workers councils  ? Against generalized and dominant market's rule, against bureaucratization of institutions – and in favor of direct democracy... meaning no market, no party, no institutions, no experts , no plan ? self-management meaning only rights for workers in “their” factory ? .

Questions :

Examples of fights about “rights” in your countries which facilitate socialiste (anticapitalist propaganda and consciousness. You should precise the forms of mobilizations and demands . What should be put in laws and constitutions ? What are the obstacles ? How could that become possible ? The issue of “public or fiscal debts” - at municipal or national level : how can it be used for mobilization and anticapitalist logics ? How can it facilitate consciousness about needs and their financing ? Do you have examples in your countries ?

Extracts from The Transitional Program

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth