Perspectives of the left in Latin America - Franck Gaudichaud

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The left, popular and anticapitalist nationalisms in Latin America


Crisis of hegemony, social struggles and “progressism”. The new conjuncture in Latin America

1. A “left turn”?

  • some problems with definitions
  • the Latin-American left: historic legacies, breaks and elements of renewal
  • popular nationalisms, social-liberalism and governmental left
  • two lefts of a thousand lefts?

2. Class struggles, social movements and Latin-American “progressisms”

  • different actors in the struggles ( indigenous, unions, feminists, etc.)
  • movements, parties and governments: what kind of relations?
  • the Bolivarian process in Venezuela
  • the experience of the MAS in Bolivia
  • lessons from the PT in Brazil

3. “Socialism of the 21st Century”? The new debates on strategy

  • Change the world without taking power? Imaginary and real Zapatism
  • Cuba past and present
  • neocapitalism, extractivism and model of development
  • road towards an afro-indo-american ecosocialism

Franck Gaudichaud (


1. What is according to you the first balance sheet of the actions of progressive and nationalist governments in the region?

2. Do you agree that one can differentiate between to types of governmental left in Latin America?

3. Which lessons can be learned for the Cuban revolutionary experience?