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*neocapitalism, extractivism and model of development
*neocapitalism, extractivism and model of development
*road towards an afro-indo-american ecosocialism
*road towards an afro-indo-american ecosocialism
'''Franck Gaudichaud (fgaudichaud@gmail.com)'''

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The left, popular and anticapitalist nationalisms in Latin America


Crisis of hegemony, social struggles and “progressism”. The new conjuncture in Latin America

1. A “left turn”?

  • some problems with definitions
  • the Latin-American left: historic legacies, breaks and elements of renewal
  • popular nationalisms, social-liberalism and governmental left
  • two lefts of a thousand lefts?

2. Class struggles, social movements and Latin-American “progressisms”

  • different actors in the struggles ( indigenous, unions, feminists, etc.)
  • movements, parties and governments: what kind of relations?
  • the Bolivarian process in Venezuela
  • the experience of the MAS in Bolivia
  • lessons from the PT in Brazil

3. “Socialism of the 21st Century”? The new debates on strategy

  • Change the world without taking power? Imaginary and real Zapatism
  • Cuba past and present
  • neocapitalism, extractivism and model of development
  • road towards an afro-indo-american ecosocialism

Franck Gaudichaud (fgaudichaud@gmail.com)