Outline for the first session

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Outline of the first session

This outline aims to summarise some of the concepts that will be developed at length during the first session. Here, the concepts are grouped together with common elements of analysis.

a) The foundation of capitalism

- Original (Primitive) accumulation

- Women and the first industrialisation

- Great Crisis: reproductive crimes

- The state

  • Oppression towards women is transformed by capitalism, and is intrinsic to it.

b) Public/private division

d) The wage labour system and the family as institution: women's subaltern role.

c) Sexual division of labour: invisible | institutions of care (social reproduction of labour)

d) Women's entry into the labour market:


segregated market

informal and shadow economies

crisis of care institutions

global care chains

  • ) Contradictions of capital | life | labour

Accumulation through dispossession