International Women's seminar 2013

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This International seminar has been prepared by three working parties on three topics:

  • Écofeminism

prepared by comrades from Europe, Brazil and The Philippines

  • Multicultural feminism

prepared by two comrades from Europe

  • How do we handle sexual harassment, violence, rape,etc. in our organisations

prepared by two comrades from Europe and in collaboration with a comrade from the USA

Reading materials


Articles in English

  • Indonesia: Finding ecological justice for women [1]
  • An ecofeminist world view [2]
  • The Cochabamba protocol people's agreement [3]
  • Esther Vivas, Without women there is no food sovereignty [4]

Articles en français

  • Qu'est-ce que l'écoféminisme [5]
  • Cochabamba, accord des peuples et droits de la Terre-Mère [6]
  • Esther Vivas, Souveraineté alimentaire, une perspective féministe [7]

Artículos en Español

  • Margarita Aguinaga, Ecofeminismo: Mujer y Pachamama [8]

Multicultural feminism

Sexual harassment etc.

Articles in English

  • The F.I. Congress 1991 resolution "Positive Action"[9]
  • Feminist Challenge to Traditional Party building[10]
  • Tyranny of Structurelesness[11]
  • The Norwegian author Kjersti Ericsson: The polyphonus revolution[12]
  • The SWP and women’s oppression[13]
  • The 1989 Congress of the PRT in Mexico “Sanctions policy in a feminist party”[14]

Articles en français

Artìculos en Español