International LGBT Strategy Seminar 2009

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Friday 17 July

12.00-17.00 Arrival and introduction

17.30-19.00 Queer Theory and politics - analysis and strategies, Gabriel and Nina/Liv

Readings: Nina Trige Andersen, 'Queer - from derogative to militant platform'

Saturday 18 July

10.00-11.30 LGBTs in Latin American radicalizations, Tamara and Andrea

11.45-13.15 LGBTs in the Middle East, Nisreen and Ghassan

Readings 'Arab sexualities'

14.30-15.45 Migration, homophobia and Islamophobia in Europe, Paul and Ulas


Paul Mepschen, 'Against tolerance'

Ulas Yilmaz, 'No honey, it's not true, but simply "ordinary racism"

16.00-19.00 LGBT's in broad anti-capitalist parties

Sunday 19 July

10.30-13.45 LGBTs and LGBT work in the Fourth International, Terry


[ FI 15th World Congress, 'On lesbian/gay liberation']

15.00-17.00 Evaluation and future plans, Nina