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After 32 Years under Soeharto regime. Indonesian people out from the new order dictatorship and in to the dictatorship of capital, so called: Neoliberalism. It’s been sign before the fall down of Suharto’s regime. When soeharto propose loans from IMF.

It’s been almost 12 years after reformarcy, and also almost 12 years structural adjustment project has been run. The Impact to the people prosperity getting down: many labor from textile and product textile lose their job—and more when the government decided to make trade deal with China in Asean China free trade agreement (ACFTA), the peasant lose their land because the government privatizing the lands by selling certificate from the idle land and breeder lose their market when government make trade deal with New Zealand and Australia in Asean Australia Newzealand free trade agreement (AANZFTA).

Furthermore, some important sectors have been privatize or less subsidies from the government budget years before, such privatizing water, electric, education, highway, and dozens of states enterprises. For legitimizing the imperialism project, government makes some regulations and local regulations.

Indonesia government not only depends on privatization and foreign investment to develop the economic but also but rely on the debt and Foreign Porto folio Investment. At this time, the government debt about $ 1863 Billion USA. But this money not goes to the real projects but for giving loans to the bankers.

After 12 years neoliberalism has been run in Indonesia, people becoming less symphatetic to the elite politics and all bourgeois party, it is proved with more 50% people don’t want to use the right to vote (So called: Golput) in the national election and most local election. But, even the Golput is high the ruling party still win, because the movement cannot yet become the alternatives.

The bourgeois party realize that they become more unpopular in front of the peoples. on the other hand, the bourgeois hard to consolidate their own classes, and eventually after Suharto regime there is dominant bourgeois. So, they are trying hard to rotate the power only in their class or between the big bourgeois parties. That’s why the government and the parliament agree to make political party regulation and other regulation that attacked people’s participation. Yes, there are many election in Indonesia, seem good in democracy but in the fact it’s just procedural democracy who can only run by the group of the people who have lot’s money.

Now, Indonesia government has sold our source and our labor. We become a nation of slaves and consumers, with more 40 Million jobless, poor health, and bad education. After 32 years depolitizing and deideologizing, the people has their own new experience in culture: Organization and Mass Action. Even the far left still fragmented and weak, people which now understand how to strike and run organization can be unlimited power to create an alternatives.

Based on these fact, People’s Liberation Party—new name for Political Committee of The Poor - People's Democratic Party (KPRM-PRD)— trying to taking part for building alternative which is 21st socialism century and expanding democracy in Indonesia.