Gender and sexual liberation*

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Outline Youth School 2021 Gender and sexual liberation

1. A Marxist analysis of women’s and lgbt oppression based on the materialist method a) Why is this important? framework for projecting it can be overcome (rather than male psychology, human nature etc)

2. The family a) The family changes in time and space under patriarchal class society b) Societies analysed in written history - evolution of family form c) Absurd argument that holds that gender oppression originates with capitalism

3. Sex and gender a) Gender identity is socially constructed => origins of oppression lie in material factors of society, gender roles are not fixed, vary with historical period, environment, production methods, class position but intertwined with class society not a separate system "patriarchy”

4. Oppression within the family a) women b) young people c) outside traditional roles => common interests of women’s and LGBTIQ struggles

5. Autonomous movements of the oppressed a) what we mean by autonomous b) our relationship as a party to autonomous movements c) building our programme

Readings: Extract 2003 resolution on Lesbian and Gay Liberation Extract Warped (Peter Drucker) Remarks on Gender (Cinzia Arruzza) Extracts 1979 Resolution Socialist Revolution and the Struggle for Women's Liberation 2021 Resolution New Rise of the Women's Movement

Cinzia Arruzza: Remarks on Gender [1]

Resolution from 11th World Congress (1979): "Socialist revolution and the struggle for women's liberation". Fragments.