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The economic, political and ecological crisis. Willingness to get out of the crisis by drastically reducing labor costs, even by the destruction of workers' organization, even by waging wars.

Significant presence, although weak, of an opposition around the Front de Gauche, regrouping Communist Party, scission from Socialist Party and Gauche Unitaire (Unitary Left). This opposition has existed since 2009, participated to elections since then (Europeans, regional, at cantons-level and now presidential and legislative body) on the basis of a programme to get out of the crisis in favor of workers and the population in general. This opposition has difficulties to recruit cadres from the social movement, most of them being influenced by the power of the Socialist party.

Growing difficulties of the NPA ("official" heir of the LCR), due to its refusal to have links with this fraction which refuses the definitive horizon of capitalism of the left. The crisis of the NPA passed through a new climax with the creation at the beginning of november of a internal/external tendency, the "Anticapitalist Left".

At the beginning, Gauche Unitaire was gathering militants from the ex-LCR who refused the adventure of the NPA. Now it has gained strenght and reaches around 400 militants. It mostly recruits social cadres: political cadres of the left front and unions cadres (mostly from CGT, FSU, Solidaires and UNEF). It keeps on the tradition of the French section of the 4th (and its unitary current mainly) within the Front de Gauche and in the political struggle, adapting its struggle to the realities of the 21th century. Its influence in French class struggle and in the Front de Gauche in particular is not corresponding to its organizationnal power. A big part of its militants are members of the 4th more out of tradition rather than for its utility in the daily struggle.