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The economic, political and ecological crisis. The will to get out of this crisis through the reduction of wage costs and even the destruction of the labour organisations, through wars. The existence, although weak but real opposition in the front of the left regrouping the Communist Party, a split from the Socialist Party and Gauche unitaire. This opposition exists since 2009, it has participated in several elections ( European, regional, cantonal and now presidential and parliament elections) with a program for solving the crisis in a favourable way for the workers and the people in general. There is a difficulty to recruit activists from the social movements who in most cases remain influenced by the power of social-democracy (SP). Growing difficulties in the NPA ( “official” successor of the LCR) because it refuses to link up with this opposition to the pro-capitalist left. The crisis of the NPA has deepened in November with the creation of an internal/external tendency “Anticapitalist Left”. Gauche unitiare was founded by members of the ex LCR who disagreed with the adventure of the NPA. It has been growing and regroups 400 activists today. The members are in their majority leaders in social movements: political activists of the Front de Gauche, trade-union cadres ( mainly CGT, FSU, Solidaires and UNEF). It continues in the left front and in French politics the tradition of the French Section of the Fourth International ( mainly of its unitary tendency) while at the same time adapting to the realities of the 21st Century. It has a bigger influence in French class struggles and in the left front than the strength of its own organisational forces. A large part of its members consider themselves als being members of the F.I. but this is seen more as a tradition than as something usefull in the daily struggles.