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7) [[Das Kapital_ S3, C8,9,10, C10§3 di C8 (pp. 57) – 11th March (Alex)]]
7) [[Das Kapital_ S3, C8,9,10, C10§3 di C8 (pp. 48) – 11th March (Alex)]]


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  • S=Section; C= Chapter; §=Paragraph; (pp. ...)= number of pages to be read.

1) Das Kapital _ S1, C1, §2 (pp. 12) – 27th November at 7.30 – Introducer: Sara

Die Ware. Doppelcharakter der Arbeit (The commodity. Twofold character of labour)

2) Das Kapital_ S1, C1, §3 (pp. 23) – 10th December at 7.30 – Introducer: Maina

Einfache Wertform. Allgemeine Wertform (Simple form of value. General form of value)

1st Public Lecture (Peter Thomas), Thursday, 18th December: “The commodity and the form of value”

3) Das Kapital_ S1, C1, §3-4 (pp. 13) – 8th January – Introducer: Joost

Fetischcharakter (Fetishism of commodities)

4) Das Kapital _ S1, C2, C3, § 1,2 (pp. 49) – 22nd January – Introducer: Bertil

Austauschprozess. Geld als Mass der Werte (Exchange process. Money as measure of value)

2nd Public Lecture (Geert Reuten), Friday 30th January: “The fetishism of commodities”

5) Das Kapital_ S1, C3, §3, C4, §1,2 (pp. 27) – 6th February – Introducer: Max

Schatzbildung, Weltgeld. Allgemeine Formel des Kapitals (Hoarding, world money. General formula of Capital)

6) Das Kapital_ S2, C4, §3, C5, S3, §1,2 (pp. 44) – 18th February –Introducer: Murray

Wiedersprueche, Ware Arbeitskraft. Arbeitsprozess (Contradictions, labour-power as commodity. Labour process)

3rd Public Lecture (Riccardo Bellofiore), Friday 27th February: “Money, the general formula of Capital and labour process”

7) Das Kapital_ S3, C8,9,10, C10§3 di C8 (pp. 48) – 11th March (Alex)

Konstantes und variables Kapital. Arbeitstag (Constant und variable Capital. Working day)

8) Das Kapital_S3, C8, §5,6,7, C9 (pp. 59) – 25th March

Rate und Masse des Mehrwerts (Rate and Mass of surplus value)

4th Lecture (Mino Carchedi), Thursday 26th March: “Constant and variable Capital and surplus value”