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This will be just a short essay about Bosnia, just a few facts and my point of view like 21-year old student and marxist. What is case of death Bosnia and Herzegovina? Maybe my question isn't good – so, what is Bosnia and Herzegovina? Small country where live three nations – Srbs, Croatians and Bosniaks. People in Bosnia doesn't split nation and religion, according to that, most people see Srbs like an orthodox, Croats are catholics and Bosniaks are muslims which is partly true because people are after war, who finished 16 years ago reactionary turn they heads back, back to religion. Maybe „back“ isn't right word for that because in Yugoslavia people identify himself like an atheists. Most of people who before war been atheist became orthodox, catholic or muslim.

We had elections last year in October and still, today we’re without government. Bosnia and Herzegovina has two entity. Biggest one is Federation (51%) and Republic Srpska (49%). Also, we have three president.

Politicians are irresponsible. So they are trying to sell everything – woods, water, telecomunications, electricity, railways etc. Some of these things are already sold to people who are close to politicians. Those days one of biggest problem, for me, is college and students because scholarships are every year more expensive and students are doing nothing about that. Alse, there is problem with all education system.

People are undereducated so they are not care about economy. Last year in Bosnia and Herzegovina 66 429 are fired from job. Every year same politicians wining with stories about nationalism. Croatian people want they own entity, Srbs want to separated from Federation and Bosniaks want BiH only for them. Still we don’t have strong radikal left party even one member in parlament. I’m member of young and every month growing organization.