12/12 Latin America, strategies of resistance in the global crisis : Franck Gaudichaud

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Central concepts

  • Imperialism
  • Crisis of neoliberalism and new cycle of social struggles
  • Experiences of change and contradictions in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador
  • Social-liberalism in Brazil and in other countries
  • Model of development, ecosocialism and indianism
  • Discussion on “socialism of the 21st Century

Geopolitical introduction

The crisis of neoliberalism in the region and the impact of the global crisis
The years 2000 : a new cycle of social and environmental struggles
Is the region representing new alternatives?

Latin America confronted with the giants of the North and with imperialism

Obama: towards a new rearticulation of imperialism
A strategically important region : natural resources and geopolitical position
A stronger autonomy but still relative
The imperial role of the European Union
The appearance of new actors coming from the South (Brazil/China)

New critical radicalism and class struggles

The speed of the cycles of struggle in Latin America
An explosive situation: the 4 great Latin American “rebellions”
Diversity of mobilised social actors
Importance of the indigenous movement
The example of the social movement for education in Chile

The “turn to the left”: myths, reality and ongoing processes

The “three ages” of Bolivarianism
Diversity of the left governments in Latin America
Advances and contradictions in the Bolivarian process (Venezuela)
Bolivia at the cross roads
Lessons from the experience of the PT in Brazil
Anticapitalist left, zapatism and bonapartism
A return of the right?

Return of the question of strategy and of the discussion on “21st Century Socialism”

What balance sheet of the revolutionary experiences in the 20th Century?
Reflection on the actual Cuban situation.
Pachamama, extractivism and ecosocialism: what model of development?
The question of integrations, an essential challenge for the creation of postcapitalist alternatives.
Take the power , revolutionise society? What transitional measures for Latin America?
Elements for the debate starting from the theories of J. Holloway
Importance of an internationalist strategy for Mariategui’s “great fatherland”

Reading materials