Women's movement, Feminism and religion, Ozlem

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Outline: Ozlem on Feminism YS08


Reading list for Part I:

1. FI World Congress Resolution 1979 (Socialist Revolution and the Struggle for Women’s Liberation)

2. Resolution on women in West Europe/North America 1991 Changing Forms of the Struggle for Women’s Liberation)

3. Resolution on women in Latin America 1991 (Dynamics of Mass Movements and Feminist Currents)

4. Notebooks of IIRE, No:22, Women’s Lives in the New Global Economy, Introduction: Women and Economic Integration.

Reading List for Part II:

1. For a general introduction, I recomend: Gilbert Achar, Eleven Theses on the Resurgence of Islamic Fundamentalism

2. Alex Cowper, Why we should defend Secularism?

3. Salma Yaqoop, Islam and the Left

4. Letter from an Iranian reader, A reply to Selma Yakoop

5. Tariq Ali, The Anti-Imperialist Left Confronted with Islam